Entertainment Lounge

Entertainment Lounge

The Entertainment Lounge is the place to be! Every week we have Free Entertainment come in, relax and get your friends and family together to dance the night away.

Free Entertainment for everyone’s enjoyment!



3rd – Kosmik Dance Duo @ 7.30pm

10th – Jamie Agius @ 7.30pm

11th – Don Costa @ 7.30pm

12th – DCMA @ 1.00pm

16th – Country Style Entertainment @ 7.00pm

17th -Hillbilly Goats @ 8.30pm

18th -Helen & Tony Cornish @ 7.30pm

19th- OCMA @1:00pm

24th -Col Thomson @ 7.30pm

25th – Kosmik Dance Duo @ 7.30pm

26th – Sooper Dooper Show @ 2.00pm

30th -RSL Music Club @ 6.30pm

31st -Justin Landers @ 7.30pm


1st- The Chatties @7:30pm

7th- Terry Leonard @7:30pm

8th- Gedupndans @7:30pm

9th- DCMA @1pm

14th- Royden Donohue @7:30pm

15th- Amitie @7:30pm

21st- Helen & Tony Cornish @7:30pm

22nd- The Silverline @7:30pm

23rd- OCMA @1pm

29th- Rubbaband @7:30pm