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Dubbo RSL Memorial Club continues to support its Members and the Local & Regional community of Dubbo, to provide Members and the community of Dubbo a Living Legacy, admirable in its ideals and service. For the Year ending December  31, 2014 Dubbo RSL Memorial Club contributed back to the community:

Club Grants (formally CDSE *)

Donations, Donations in kind, Sponsorships, RSL Inner Clubs & Youth Club



*Specific Community Welfare, Community Development, Social Services & Employment Assistance  activities as recommended by the Club Grants Committee.

In the 2014/2015 Club Grant funding year, there were 25 recipients who received Club Grant funding and 185 recipients from the Local & Regional Community and Sporting Clubs who received Category 2 funding.

Recipients 2014 2015 Recipients 2014 2015 (205 KB)

Recipients 2013 2014 Recipients 2013 2014 (204 KB)

Recipients 2012 2013 Recipients 2012 2013 (20 KB)

Recipients 2011 2012 Recipients 2011 2012 (147 KB)


How to Apply - ClubGRANTS Guidelines and Funding Categories

The new ClubGRANTS Guidelines are now available.  Applicants should read the new Guidelines to determine whether they are eligible for Club GRANTS funding. There are two funding categories under the ClubGRANTS Scheme:

  • Category 1 expenditure on specific community welfare and social services, community development, community health services and employment assistance activities; and
  • Category 2 expenditure on other community development and support services (eg traditional areas of club expenditure, such as support for sport and recreation groups).

Category 1 - funding requires a detailed application process and we suggest you refer to resources available from the ClubsNSW website to assist you in completing your submission. Dubbo RSL Memorial Club, West Dubbo Bowling Club, Dubbo Railway Bowling Club in conjunction with Dubbo City Council and Department of Community Services are involved in the process of determining funding applications each year. Funding applications are to be submitted directly to Council.

Category 2 - funding applications are relatively simple where submissions are sent directly to the club you are seeking support from. In summary the process at Dubbo RSL Memorial Club is as follows:
  • You make an application providing a one page document on your Club’s letterhead briefly outlining your history, purpose and office bearers, requesting support for your sport or recreation activity and send it to Dubbo RSL Memorial Club.
  • Upon receipt of your submission it is tabled at the next monthly meeting of the board of directors of the Dubbo RSL Memorial Club.
  • The information disclosed in the submission is discussed at the monthly meeting by the board of directors.
  • A determination will be made by way of a motion and a vote by the directors.
  • Return correspondence will follow advising of the outcome of your request.

Useful forms

Club Grant Application Over $1K Club Grant Application Over $1K (91 KB)

Club Grant Application under $1K Club Grant Application under $1K (87 KB)

Standard Funding Report Form Standard Funding Report Form (84 KB)

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