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Members Benefits


Badge Draws

Thursday $9,000

What do I have to do?

NOTHING! Just be present when the draw is done and get to the Centre Dais in (4) four minutes with your current and financial membership card*.

Thursday card draw LTPS/14/10103


Thursday between 6pm - 9:00pm



Save! Save! Save!

Swipe your card when you purchase drinks, food and show tickets for discounts on selected purchases. 

Major Promotions


Check out our major promotions


WIN Club Points!

$200 club account major prize!

Pick a Box ~  LTPS/14/06409

How can I play?

Swipe your card at the swipe stations located throughout the club and put your Second Chance Draw ticket in the Pick-a-Box barrel.


Thursday & Friday at approximately 8:45pm

Punters Club

Join the Punters Club for your chance to increase the pool and share in the winnings. With over 130 members it could be your chance to bet $100 on the horses that increases the prize pool.


Join at the start of the year, pay $10 a week and get your even share of the winnings at year end.

Points Reward System

Swipe your card, reap the rewards!


Swipe your card when making selected purchases throughout the club to reap the benefits of your membership.

Pay by Points

Who needs money?

Pay for food, drinks, showcase products and Brisbane Street Bottle Shop items with loyalty points.

You can Pay by Points at most Ground Level areas.

Diggers Discounts

Get even better drinks discounts!

Members can enjoy even more discounts on drink purchases made between Monday and Friday 6:00pm - 7:30pm.

Swipe Station Prizes

Swipe your card when you come into the club and you could win a range of prizes such as free coffees, etc.



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