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Policies and Regulations

To maintain the high standard enjoyed in our Club, we request that Members and Guests abide by Dress Rules as indicated below and on Club Foyer signage. The following dress is NOT PERMITTED at any time.

NOT PERMITTED: Football Shorts, Stubbies or similar, Untidiness, Faded or Frayed apparel, Football Jerseys, Men's Headwear, Bike Shorts, T-Shirts of undergarment appearance, Bare Feet, Leotards and Singlets. Overalls and Rubber Thongs are not permitted after 6.00pm.

Appearance must be clean, neat and tidy at all times. Management's decision shall be final in all matters relating to dress and behaviour.

NOTE: Obscene or offensive language or clothing will not be tolerated. Also, please note that only tailored tracksuits are permitted in the Club.

NOTE: Please be advised that on entry to the Club photo ID is required. If you live within 5kms of the Club and you are not a Member, you MUST be signed in by a Member of the Dubbo RSL Club Resort.


This establishment has a policy to serve patrons in a responsible, friendly and professional manner. Our staff are on hand to assist patrons in their decision to drink in moderation and where appropriate avoid the dilemmas of combining drinking and driving.

Staff will not serve alcohol to any person under the age of 18 years nor any patron to the point of intoxication at any time.

The Management wishes to encourage patrons to inquire about and our staff to promote our extensive range of the following:

  • low and non-alcoholic beverages
  • food available at all times
  • tea & coffee
  • safe transport program


All of us involved in the service, sale and promotion of alcohol will use our eyes, ears and good judgement to ensure the comfort and safety of all patrons by the application of conduct and procedures to restrict the entry of minors to restricted areas, intoxicated people to the premises and to safely serve, sell and promote alcohol and food to avoid any person on the premises from becoming intoxicated in line with harm minimisation provisions.


In accordance with the State Liquor Act of NSW and the Registered Club Act, Management and staff of the Dubbo RSL Club Resort will ensure Responsible Service of Alcohol at all times.

Any person who is believed to be intoxicated by alcohol, drugs or misuse of medication, will not be allowed to enter the premises, or if on the premises will be required to leave.

Procedures and standards will be followed to ensure the safety, comfort and well being of all persons on the premises to ensure the highest standard of customer service possible.

This policy was reviewed and amended by Management on 17 November 2004


In accordance with the State Liquor Act of NSW and the Registered Club Act, Management and Staff of The Dubbo RSL Memorial Club will ensure the responsible service of alcohol at all times.

The Dubbo RSL Memorial Club has a policy to serve patrons in a responsible, friendly and professional manner. The Staff are on hand to assist patrons in their decision to drink in moderation and where appropriate, avoid the dilemmas of combining drinking and driving.

Through this policy, a framework and strategies have been formed, addressing the following issues.

provides the framework for the Responsible Serving of Alcohol.

so that they may implement and promote the house policy.

so they can understand the implication of and abide by the Responsible Serving of Alcohol.

courtesy bus for patrons & a dedicated, free phone direct to a taxi service



  • Implementation, monitoring and modification of the Club’s House Policy, on an on-going basis.
  • Preventing under-age drinking by insisting on valid and recognised identification on entry and at any time upon request.
  • Preventing intoxication by recognising the signs of such. The Club will deny entry or service to anyone who is already intoxicated. Furthermore the Club will deny service to any person that staff may suspect will supply alcohol to a person who is or may become intoxicated.
  • Managing intoxicated, anti-social or disruptive patrons by discouraging them from becoming involved in activities which can harm themselves or others and/or by safe removal from the premises.
  • Providing and supporting safe transportation options.
  • Promotion, sale and service of low and non-alcoholic beverages and food at all times when any alcohol is available for purchase on the Club premises.

It is the responsibility of every staff member at Dubbo RSL Club Resort to ensure that we are not breaking the law by allowing under age drinking or intoxication on our premises.

The only proof of age identification the Club will accept are:

  • Photo Drivers Licence
  • Proof of Age Card
  • Passport
  • Photo Birth Card

Door Staff: It is your direct responsibility to refuse the entry of intoxicated persons. If you have concerns please refer the matter to a Duty Manager.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all patrons entering the Club are over 18 years of age unless they are accompanied by a responsible adult.

Bar Staff: It your direct responsibility to check the age of all persons that you believe may be under age when they are ordering drinks in a restricted bar area. You must report any incident of an underage person being in a restricted area to the Duty Manager or Supervisor immediately. Don't assume that because they got past the door they must be over age. If in doubt check I.D.

It is your direct responsibility to ensure you do not serve alcohol to any patron to the point of intoxication. You must not serve any patron that may be intoxicated or any patron whom you suspect may supply the alcohol to another person to the point of intoxication. You must report any refusal of service to the Duty Manager or Supervisor immediately.

All Staff: Your role is one of surveillance. Report any suspicious persons or incidents to your Supervisor or Manager.

The following procedures are to be adopted by all Bar Stewards in regard to the responsible serving of alcohol:

  • Bar Stewards must avail themselves of the training and literature given to them by management, (Principles of Responsible Serving of Alcohol) and be aware of the signs of intoxication.
  • If a Member or Guest, in your opinion, falls into the category under the signs of intoxication, contact the Duty Manager immediately and briefly explain the situation. Do not serve the patron until the matter is resolved in conjunction with the Duty Manager.
  • If you are in doubt in regard to the age of a person in a restricted area of the Club, ask for the following identification details:-
    • Photo Drivers Licence
    • Passport
    • RTS Issued Proof of Age Card
    • Photo Birth Card

The four forms of identification listed above are the only forms of identification recognised and accepted by the Club and the law as proof of age identification.

  • If one of the above forms of identification cannot be furnished, DO NOT serve the patron any beverage, call the Duty Manager immediately and briefly explain the situation.
  • If the event of an intoxicated person requesting an alcoholic drink at your bar, excuse yourself from service and contact the Duty Manager immediately, briefly explaining the situation.
  • Whilst you are cleaning ashtrays, picking up glasses or general cleaning, be mindful of what is being said and happening around you. If you notice or hear Patrons arguing, swearing or getting a little loud, contact the Duty Manager immediately and advise the situation.
  • Bar Stewards have the right to refuse service to a Patron who is in a clear state of intoxication. However on all occasions you must inform a Duty Manager of your decision and to organise safe removal of the patron from the premises.

It is in the best interest of all staff to abide by the policy and procedures put in place by the Club to help educate Patrons so that they understand the Laws pertaining to the Responsible Serving of Alcohol.

Any person who is caught serving or supplying liquor to an intoxicated person or a minor on Registered Club premises is guilty of an offence, with the MAXIMUM PENALTY BEING $5500 or as the penalty may apply.

The Club takes this issue very seriously and any person not complying with this policy or procedures will face disciplinary action, the result of which may be termination of your employment.

SIGNS OF INTOXICATION may include one or all of the following:

  • Dizziness
  • Slurred Speech
  • Poor Coordination
  • Slower Reactions
  • Blurred Vision
  • Flushing
  • Loss of Inhibitions
  • Aggression
  • Unconsciousness

This policy was reviewed and amended by Management on 17 November 2004


The DUBBO RSL MEMORIAL CLUB’s mission is the proper conduct and balanced development, in the public interest, of the gaming racing, liquor and charity industries in NSW.

One important way the Club ensures the public interest is promoted in the gambling industry is by developing and keeping under review strict regulatory measures for the conduct of lawful forms of gambling in the State to ensure that any potential harm associated with gambling is minimised.

The responsible conduct of gambling is important to minimise the harmful consequences associated with problem gambling.

Regulatory measures that are currently in place include:

  • Controls over the nature of certain gaming-related advertising and promotion;
  • Prohibitions in relation to participation by minors, and the advancement of credit for gambling purposes; and
  • Measures which limit the accessibility and availability of commercial gambling activities in the broader public interest.

An extract from the Liquor and Registered Clubs Amendment (Responsible Gambling) Regulation 2000 is as follows:
In summary the Regulations will do the following:

  • Require Clubs to provide information to Patrons and their guests on counselling services, the use and operation of gaming machines, the chances of winning and the problems caused from excessive gambling. On entering the Club and displayed on each gaming machine is an advisement on how to contact
  • “Gambling Help”
  • Phone: 1800 633 635
  • Place limitations on the payment of prizes by cash;
  • Require cash dispensing facilities to be located away from the areas where gaming machines are located;
  • Place limitations on gambling-related advertising;
  • Prohibit the offering of inducements to gamble;
  • Require the Club Secretary, Board of Directors’ and certain employees to undertake an approved training course in the responsible conduct of gambling;
  • Make other miscellaneous controls.


In accordance with the State Liquor and Registered Club Act Management and Staff of the Dubbo RSL Club Resort will ensure Responsible Conduct of Gambling at all times.

The DUBBO RSL MEMORIAL CLUB has a policy to serve patrons in a responsible, friendly and professional manner. The Staff are on hand to provide Patrons with documentation and contact telephone numbers to help them identify a gambling problem and provide assistance.

In accordance with the Gaming Machines Act 2001; the DUBBO RSL MEMORIAL CLUB operates a self – exclusion scheme for Patrons and their guests who may have a problem with their gambling. This information is gained from the Duty Manager through members of Staff.

The DUBBO RSL MEMORIAL CLUB promotes responsible gambling by not cashing Patrons’ cheques or providing credit.
Loyalty Points: Government legislation – as from the 2nd April 2002 Redemption of Loyalty points for cash is forbidden.

The Liquor Act of 1982 and Registered Clubs Act 1976 advises your chance of winning the maximum prize on a gaming machine is generally no better than one in a million.

The Club also displays the previous day’s jackpots in the keno change box for the benefit of Members’ and their guests.

The Liquor Act of 1982 prohibits the DUBBO RSL MEMORIAL CLUB from cashing:

  • Cheques by a 3rd party or non members
  • More than one cheque per person per day
  • A person has an outstanding dishonoured cheque
  • A cheque more than $400 (upon advisement from senior management)


Dear Members,
There has been Legislative changes to the Registered Clubs Act 1976 section 41H, and the Club is no longer required to send out the Disclosures Statements to members. As a result members may obtain a copy of the Disclosures Statement by contacting the Secretary Manager during office hours Monday to Friday* (9am-5pm) on 02 6882 4411 or email rslgm@dubborsl.com.au
* Except Public Holidays

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