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Elevation U2 Show


The Elevation U2 Tribute is an amazing and unrivalled dedication to the music and passion of U2 by the most experienced U2 cover band in Australia. They are the benchmark for all other U2 shows and a must see band, U2 fan or not. But if you are a U2 fan, they will put you in the middle of a U2 gig like no other tribute show, from U2 beggings to Us Today.
Front Man Steve Hancock has made the part of Bono his own for 15 years with impeccable vocals, stage pressence and passion. Steve is the face of U2 played over 1500 shows in both Australia and New Zealand.
The Show combines performance, music stage, costume and lighting to recreate the passion and energy that is U2.
Elevation also created a refreshing and beautiful sound with the amzing U2 Acoustic show for smaller venues. The music of U2 is filled with meaning and true passion and Elevation illustrates this in their Acoustic performance. As a full 4 piece band Elevation U2 Acoustic are able to get close up and personal with the music of U2 and the audience.

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Venue: Auditorium
Ticket Price:   

All tickets


18+ event

 Must be a member of the club.

Tickets available club reception only.  

Membership is only *$3

*Conditions apply

Showtime: Showtime: 8.00pm




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